Conquer the Bridge



I love bridges. Always have. Always will. This run will let me cross Los Angeles off my “Run Across a Bridge in Favorite Cities” list:

I know that must sound like a boring list to you but it is a goal for me. When I pick city runs I want to have a scenic route. Either through historic districts or, in this case, over an awesome bridge. In 2013, I should be able to knock off Portland, Pasadena, and San Francisco as well!


It is always on Labor day so being available for the race should be no problem. Driving all the way down there during the busiest travel day of the year, well that’s the reason this race isn’t in the “Where I’m Going” category. I’m hoping this will be my “FUCK YOU SUMMER!” Race in 2013.

How Awesome?

Checking off another city off bridge list would be pretty awesome.


How Difficult?

Should be pretty flat with a steady elevation gain. The distance is comparable to a 10k.