Catalina Island: Half-Marathon



I’ve never been to Catalina and what a better way to see the island than to run to the top and have a look around? It appears to be a grueling course but I would also get to see bison! Maybe I should also start up another list of places to run… I did, after all, start up a Bridge List. Perhaps other islands? Or geographical features list?


Maybe 2015. The cost of the race itself isn’t too bad but the hotel and ferry to Catalina would add up to a ~$400-600. A very steep price to pay for a race. It is also around the same time as other destination races I want to do. This one might stay in my Bucket Race list for a few years.

How Awesome?

Running on an island would be checked off list and possibility of seeing bison!

How Difficult?

They openly state that this will be the most challenging half in your life… there is no elevation chart for this race but other Catalina ones are listed around 3-5k gains. This. Is. Serious trail running.