Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas: Half-Marathon


Course Description:

A rockin’ mix of running and live entertainment will ROCK the Vegas Strip once again at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.


Any race that shuts down a part of a major city is definitely a draw for me. Being able to run through the strip would be amazing. It could also be my first night race. Also gives me another excuse to visit Vegas!


This one I am hoping will be my holiday 2013 race. The race price is pretty high, lowest is $115, but I can offset it by staying at a hotel like Harrah’s Casino or South Point.
*UPDATE* Booked for 2013! Race is November 17th!

How Awesome?

It’s fucking Vegas! Need I say more?

How Difficult?

Flat course but would be during the beginning of winter out in the desert and it would be a night.

2 Responses

    1. Actually now that I am buying the Tour Pass, the cost gets paid this year and spread over the 6 (8 if I can make NY and Chicago work) races I am doing brings the fees to less than $80 😀 Might have to upgrade to a sweet place at NYNY! Though the starting line this year is far south so might have to be Mandalay Bay or Luxor. Which I am totally ok with.