Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco: Half-Marathon


As I previously posted in the Conquer the Bridge post, I love bridges and want to race across them when I get the chance. I don’t really love San Francisco but this would give me a chance to explore a bit more of the city. A friend of mine lives in Japantown so hopefully he can show me that part of town. Here is an update on the Bridge list:


This will be my second half-marathon so I will see how I set the bar in Pasadena. Since this would be the first of 3 in the same amount of months, I don’t want to push myself too much. I just want to take in the sights and enjoy the weekend.

Training Schedule

Note: I’m using the Pasadena Pacers 13 week beginners program

Week of – Target Miles – Accomplished?
12/29 thru 2/17 – Training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena: Half-Marathon!
2/23 – 9 – No… knee recovering from RnR Pasadena
3/02 – 10 – YES! But in two days, 5.6 and 5.4.
3/09 – 11 – No… but logged 8 miles over two days
3/16 – 10 – No… knee didn’t like the previous run
3/23 – 12 – Y.. No… but logged 14 miles for the week
3/30 – 6 –
4/07 – RACE DAY!

Training Totals