Santa to the Sea Half-Marathon: Relay



I wanted a race between Rock and Roll Los Angeles and Pasadena so a friend suggested I look into this race. I managed to get Meghann on board with the two person relay option. I will be running the first leg, 6.55 miles from the strawberry fields to the city and she will take the last 6.55 miles that finishes on the beach. We are also running with friends who live in the area. Look for Team M&M and Santa’s Little Helpers!


I will be running along side another friend who runs often and hope we can keep each other on pace to finish in 50-55mins.

Training Schedule

November 3rd – 6.55 in less than 1hr 10mins *Failed – Took weekend off to recoup from R’n’R LA*
November 10th – 6.55 in less than 1:07 *Failed – 1:09:27*
November 17th – 1:05 *Failed – 1:06:03*
November 24th – 1:03 *Not Sure – Ran first mile without Endomondo on, was on pace for 58mins*
December 1st – 1:00 *Not Attempted – Minor Foot Injury*