PDX To Coast



I love Portland and the Oregon coast so why not run from one to another? The upside is that I would be part of a team and the mileage can be an easy 7mi split into two parts. The downside is I would need to find a team. I doubt I can convince many of my friends or grab a big enough group from the Pacers to form one. Despite these challenges I will keep tabs on this race and I vow to run it!


Could be two years from now or 10. It doesn’t matter. I. Will. Run. It!

How Awesome?

Running from my favorite town in the pacific northwest to the gorgeous Oregon coast would be amazing no matter what leg of the relay I pick.

How Difficult?

Running from my favorite town in the pacific northwest to the gorgeous Oregon coast would be really fucking difficult no matter what leg of the relay I pick.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland: Half-Marathon



I love Portland and I’ve made it a goal to run a race in each of my favorite cities. I started the list in my earlier post on the Conquer the Bridge post. I also plan on making this my Bachelor run since it takes place a few months before my wedding. I figure I can get a few friends to join me, drink a few beers Friday night and have a nice hearty dinner on Saturday before they cheer me on. It also gives me an excuse to stay at the McMenamin’s in downtown Portland, and yes I am a fanboy of that chain.


This will be my second half marathon so I will have a time to beat. I would like to think that a few more weeks of training would let me shave a few minutes off from my first half. But to be honest, I’m going to just take in the view since I’ll be running across a few bridges and through a town that might be my future home.

Training Schedule

Note: I’m using the Pasadena Pacers 13 week beginners program

Week of – Target Miles – Accomplished?
2/23 thru 4/6 – Training for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco!
4/13 – 10 – No, best I could manage was 4.73 of Hills
4/20 – 11 – Yes but in three events. One with Pacers, Autism Walk and Unity 5k Run.
4/27 – 10 – No, best was 6.70 of hills
5/04 – 12 – No, only ran 10.
5/11 – 6
5/19 – RACE DAY!

Training Totals

December Update

What a mess! The month started off great with the Santa to the Sea race but shortly after the race my left knee started giving me problems. Turned out to be knee bursitis… again… it wasn’t the same knee but I knew that only RICE would help it. That would’ve been a quick recovery but I hurt my left foot due to landing awkwardly while trying to avoid bending my knee. I didn’t get back out there until the end of the month. The measly stats for the month are only 13.75 miles.