Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland: Half-Marathon



I love Portland and I’ve made it a goal to run a race in each of my favorite cities. I started the list in my earlier post on the Conquer the Bridge post. I also plan on making this my Bachelor run since it takes place a few months before my wedding. I figure I can get a few friends to join me, drink a few beers Friday night and have a nice hearty dinner on Saturday before they cheer me on. It also gives me an excuse to stay at the McMenamin’s in downtown Portland, and yes I am a fanboy of that chain.


This will be my second half marathon so I will have a time to beat. I would like to think that a few more weeks of training would let me shave a few minutes off from my first half. But to be honest, I’m going to just take in the view since I’ll be running across a few bridges and through a town that might be my future home.

Training Schedule

Note: I’m using the Pasadena Pacers 13 week beginners program

Week of – Target Miles – Accomplished?
2/23 thru 4/6 – Training for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco!
4/13 – 10 – No, best I could manage was 4.73 of Hills
4/20 – 11 – Yes but in three events. One with Pacers, Autism Walk and Unity 5k Run.
4/27 – 10 – No, best was 6.70 of hills
5/04 – 12 – No, only ran 10.
5/11 – 6
5/19 – RACE DAY!

Training Totals

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