January Update

After going to two physical therapist, one of which is a running specialist, I finally had a diagnosis for my injury from the Santa to the Sea: PATELLOFEMORAL DISORDER. In short; my knee cap moves around too much during runs and that causes irritation which inflames the area once the kneecap is pressed against it. I was given medication to relive the irritation, instructed to tape my knee and told to strength my glutes and quads. While it doesn’t threaten my running in the long-term, all three doctors (I saw two at Kaiser) advised against running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena Half-Marathon. I went back and forth for several days but eventually decided to switch to the 5k for Pasadena and set my sights on Rock ‘n’ Roll San Fransisco as my first half. I can always run Pasadena next year and I’d hate to miss out on SF, Portland and SD if I re-injured myself.