Building the ABV


The Archivist’s Beer Vault (ABV) is a database that I have worked on since my second semester at UNT. Initially it was just a simple beer database built using a fairly low tech software for SLIS 5200 Introduction to Information Organization. For my term project in SLIS 5707 Data Modeling for Information Professionals we were tasked to devise a multiple entity database and create it using Microsoft Access, with some hints of SQL. Converting the ABV into a multi entity database was a bit perplexing but once I figured out the entity-relationship diagram it was smooth sailing. Later in SLIS 5717 Dynamic WWW Control Structures, I learned about how to query SQL databases using PHP. Little by little more functions that I envisioned during my initial brainstorm for SLIS 5200 became realities. It currently stands as a mix of a fictional store front and a database with far more detail than presented. I am still figuring out how to best display certain data so elements like Distributor information are sitting idle. For now the only real functions are purchase and adding beers to the database.

There is more information about the structure and design of the database on the site itself and in the presentation below.



Screenshot - STYLES Welcome to the Archivist s Beer Vault



Presented at UNT LISSA’s All School’s Day 2015 event, this slide show contains a look at the development of the database and provides a complete site demo.