Training Updates

June / July Update

As expected my mileage took a hit during a very busy June. Between marrying the woman of my dreams and celebrating it with a two-week honeymoon in Costa Rica, I didn’t have much time to run. I only clocked in 3 hours 46 minutes for 22.57 miles, most of which were from the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon

July was a different story as I managed to run 52.22 miles! Though I was just shy of my monthly record of 52.54 miles. I’ve been trying to get back into the flow of 3-4 weekly runs and yoga in between but it is still a busy summer. Luckily my next race on tap is Conquer the Bridge 5 Miler. I still have plenty of time to get up to pace for RnR LA… seeing as how I might be running that in costume I should probably up the routine.

May Update

Third and Fourth Half-Marathons are in the books! I hit a new PR at Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland and the weekend was simply amazing! Though I did injure my foot before the race… that story is best told over a beer. Anyhow, it did not slow me down like I had feared and finished Portland in 2:04! My foot did swell up and took another week to recover so I was only able to add more mileage once I ran Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego. I did not fare as well in that race due to cramps at the 11th mile. Finished at 2:06 and the recap should be up soon. Overall, my mileage for the month went down to 42.42. June might see another dip as I’ll be busy with my wedding and honeymoon. July will have to the month I finally hit 60 miles!

April Update

Ran my second half! I had an amazing time at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco and managed to shave off 8 minutes from my RnR Pasadena time. While I was exhausted, I experienced ZERO knee pain. With each passing week month since my injury, I continue to tackle more miles and hills. Ran a total 51.92 miles, just one mile short of my best. Also participated in a Unity Run for Boston with my fellow Pacers. It was great to get back on the road for a great cause. I was unable to run the LA River 5k but it was to take care of Meghann and it was an easy choice. Now I focus on May with Portland and San Diego right around the corner.

March Update

I’m back! I ran a total of 45.90 miles in March, which is 7 miles shy of my best. I would have hit that total if I didn’t slow it down after slight knee pain from a long run up in Lancaster. The low point of the month was the terrible Run or Dye 5k Los Angeles… such a piece of shit race. Read my recap to see how bad it got. I also wasn’t able to hit the mileage marks set for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco but I’m confident that I will post a good time. The high point was realizing I’ve hit +300 miles since September, when I became serious about running.

February Update

Reading the last two training posts makes my accomplishment at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena (recap coming soon) pretty freaking awesome. While my long runs for the race didn’t match the training recommendations, I felt very confident after pain-free 6 milers. Unfortunately, my glutes still need work and I did have knee pain after the race. On the bright side, the pain wasn’t as bad as after the Santa to the Sea and I was able to get back on the road a week later. My monthly total was almost back to pre-injury levels, a nice 38.35 miles thanks to the 13.1 boost!

January Update

After going to two physical therapist, one of which is a running specialist, I finally had a diagnosis for my injury from the Santa to the Sea: PATELLOFEMORAL DISORDER. In short; my knee cap moves around too much during runs and that causes irritation which inflames the area once the kneecap is pressed against it. I was given medication to relive the irritation, instructed to tape my knee and told to strength my glutes and quads. While it doesn’t threaten my running in the long-term, all three doctors (I saw two at Kaiser) advised against running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena Half-Marathon. I went back and forth for several days but eventually decided to switch to the 5k for Pasadena and set my sights on Rock ‘n’ Roll San Fransisco as my first half. I can always run Pasadena next year and I’d hate to miss out on SF, Portland and SD if I re-injured myself.

December Update

What a mess! The month started off great with the Santa to the Sea race but shortly after the race my left knee started giving me problems. Turned out to be knee bursitis… again… it wasn’t the same knee but I knew that only RICE would help it. That would’ve been a quick recovery but I hurt my left foot due to landing awkwardly while trying to avoid bending my knee. I didn’t get back out there until the end of the month. The measly stats for the month are only 13.75 miles.

November Update

This turned out to be a quiet month for me. The only race scheduled for November was the CityRace Olvera Street scavenger hunt on the first weekend. For the most part I just kept hitting the treadmill at work during the week and running with the Pacers on Saturdays. I am a bit disappointed I didn’t keep up the hill work with the Pacers but I was ill-prepared for night runs. Now that I bought some gear (thank you groupon!) I am ready to hit streets after work. My overall mileage for the month was 44.44… also a bit of a let down.

October Update

This was a BIG month for me in both training and events. In training, I worked out with the hills group and managed to not embarrass myself too much. During the last weekend of the month I ran 13.5miles by finishing the Pasadena Pacers 10mil challenge and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Mini-Marathon. I ran a total of 52.54 miles for the month and will continue to pile on more as I train for my first half marathon in February!