Race Calendar 2014




January 4th New Year’s Race Los Angeles: Half-Marathon (Los Angeles, CA) 2:14:54
January 19th Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona: Half-Marathon (Tempe, AZ) 1:56:09
February 16th Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena: Half-Marathon (Pasadena, CA) Cancelled by Competitor Group
February 23rd Chinatown 10k (Los Angeles, CA) 56:30
March 15th Rock ‘n’ Roll USA: Half-Marathon (Washington, DC) 2:04:00
April 6th Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco: Half-Marathon (San Francisco, CA) 2:10:57
May 4th LA River 5k (Los Feliz, CA)  24:47
May 18th Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland: Half-Marathon (Portland, OR) 2:00:59
June 1st Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego: Half-Marathon (San Diego, CA) 2:05:28
June 22nd Mammoth Half Marathon (Mammoth Lakes, CA) 2:06:01
August 17th America’s Finest City Half Marathon (San Diego, CA) 2:08:45
September 7th Ventura Half Marathon (Ventura, CA) 2:04:33
September 14th Foothill 5k Challenge (Glendale, CA) 33:23
October 5th Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose: Half-Marathon (San Jose, CA) 2:07:07
October 26th Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver: Half-Marathon (Vancouver, BC) 1:58:47
November 8th Catalina Eco Half Marathon (Avalon, CA) 2:42:51
November 15th Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas: 5k (Las Vegas, NV) 26:16
November 16th Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas: Half-Marathon (Las Vegas, NV) 1:58:10
December 14th Santa to the Sea Half-Marathon (Oxnard, CA) 1:53:45 *NEW PR!*