Why I Run

I run because I can. I know there will be a time when getting up from the couch will be more difficult than trying to get up on an RDO Friday with a grey cat by my side.

I have found a hobby that pushes me in every way possible. I’m overcoming my awkwardness around new people by joining local racing clubs and just saying “hi” to those around me. I’m finally building some muscle by taking on more miles and bigger hills.

Running also allows me see more of the world around me and gain new perspectives. I’ve finally seen the breath-taking vistas at sun rise that others had told me existed. I’ve explored areas around my neighborhood that I  had only seen on google maps.

It also makes me think of what the future will hold. I want to run across Portland as my friends cheer me on from the pubs. I want to run through Bellingham. I want to see where the buffalo roam in Catalina.

In short, running offers everything to me that I want out of life.

About this Site

The name is in reference the half-marathon distance, 13.1 mi. As for why the site exists, I’m mainly using it as a way to practice some WordPress development and plan to use it as a running journal. I don’t expect many followers or comments but would appreciate it if you do leave some words of encouragement on whatever post you find interesting. I won’t try to tell you my way is the best way to get started or that you should follow me to every race, I just hope you will follow my journey on here.